2014 G-Loomis Catalog, Page 119

It’s all about people, performance and passion…

When we talk about the success behind G.Loomis®, it all starts with people.

This company was founded 30 years ago on one man’s dream… a passion for fishing and the outdoors. Sure, we have incredible, high-tech equipment and are always researching new materials, new designs and new components, but the passion of the people is our driving force. As our company has grown, so have the people. They’ve worked hard to improve their efficiencies and their knowledge. They’ve been instrumental in every aspect of the success of this company. There’s a lot of “hands on” at G.Loomis. Machines don’t cut graphite patterns or wrap guides or ferrule blanks... factory technicians do. Our customers get world class customer-service from our people, not telephones or computers. New products and new, more dynamic materials are the result of engineers that spend hours researching and testing them so we can make them available to all anglers. It’s all about our people and their passion for making the finest, high performance fishing rods on the planet. And another thing... every rod you see with the G.Loomis logo on it, whether it’s NRX® or GL2®, is made right here in our Woodland, Washington factory. Always have been and always will be.

The driving force behind G.Loomis