Booyah Bait Company 2014 Catalog, Page 13

Model No.


Wt. (oz.)

1/2 oz.

Color Code Number

615; 703; 707; 708; 709; 710; 711; 712

Blade Types / Size



5/0 Mustad ®


Double Willow #3.5 & #4.5

Created with northern pike and muskies in mind, the BOOYAH Pikee offers all the durability that these fish demand with an ultra-tough Vibra-FLX wire frame that can stand up to powerful jaws and mouths filled with teeth. Each Pikee also comes with a 12-inch steel leader, so you have everything you need right out of the package. Beyond being tough, this full-featured spinnerbait from BOOYAH Bait Company serves up tremendous action with its skirt, which undulates as the bait moves through the water column.

Ball bearing swivel

Premium painted or jeweler’s grade plated blades

Mustad ® Ultra Point ™ premium round bend hook

(615) Shad

(707) Red Craw

Strong & flexible Vibra-FLX™ wire

(703) Shadtreuse

84 strand skirt with exclusive color formulation

Shad profile head

12 inch steel leader included

(708) Midnight

(709) Glowtreuse

(711) Perch

(710) Sunfish

(712) Crawfish