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At Owner American Corporation, we have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a line of high quality, high performance fish hooks that, today, are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. With the addition of Cultiva Lures to our product line, our company experienced the kind of phenomenal growth that forced us to expand into a larger facility in Costa Mesa, California — one that has allowed us to better serve the needs of a rapidly expanding customer base. Satisfied, if not ecstatic customers have helped us come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Their exciting catch results (visit our website to view the “proof” in pictures), plus the huge successes of our tournament fishing pros, have kept our company inspired and motivated. That, coupled with the feedback from our growing number of avid fans, has helped us continue in the design and development of an ever-expanding line of hooks, lures —and now an exciting new line of soft baits — that we feel are the best that they can be. We encourage you to look for Owner hooks, Cultiva ® lures, and our new SoftBaits at your favorite tackle retailer — and if they don’t yet carry our products, ask them if they would please do so. We also invite you to visit our website at www.ownerhooks.com , where you’ll find updates about Owner, Cultiva ® and SoftBaits, including a complete online catalog.

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CUTTING POINT ® hooks, developed by the Owner Hook Company of Japan, are a revolutionary breakthrough in high technology hook design. Unique to each Owner CUTTING POINT ® hook is the triple-edged cutting blade led by a needle-sharp point that never needs sharpening. The point grabs quickly, and as it begins to penetrate, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jawbones for a positive, effortless hook set. Owner’s unique triple-edged CUTTING POINTS ® are engineered for better penetration. Conven- tional hooks are typically stamped to a pyramid point or ground to a pencil-type point, and by their design, encounter more friction and resistance the deeper they penetrate. With the CUTTING POINT’s ® triple-edged blade, the amount of resistance actually decreases as the hook penetrates. Prove it to yourself by pulling the CUTTING POINT ® through a matchbook cover. The CUTTING POINT ® grabs and slices quick and clean right through the material! Caution : Owner CUTTING POINT ® hooks are super sharp out of the package and do not need to be sharpened. Attempts to sharpen after purchase removes the finish and may weaken the tempering process, leading to rapid corrosion and soft points.

BLACK CHROME FINISH — Saltwater live bait fishermen prefer dark finish hooks because they are less visible than “bright” hooks and make for a more natural bait presentation. Many of Owner’s CUTTING POINT ® hooks feature a dark, durable Black Chrome finish that not only encourages more strikes from wary gamefish, but is highly resistant to saltwater corrosion, thus extending the life of the hook.


Owner Hooks is the proud sponsor of Ronnie Kovach’s renowned On-The-Water Fishing Schools, a hugely successful program that since 1989 has graduated over 40,000 student anglers. Combining on-deck seminars with hands-on instruction, the Owner Hooks On-The-Water Fishing Schools are committed to educating recreational anglers so that they become part of the fish catching elite — the 10 percent of the fishermen that catch 90 percent of the fish. The school’s professional team of instructors is headed up by lead educator Ronnie Kovach who, over the years, has shared his considerable fresh and saltwater angling expertise with tens of thousands of fishermen through his many angler education programs — including popular television and radio programs, land-based seminars, best-selling books, plus a host of articles in prominent outdoor magazines. Owner Hook Fishing Schools feature limited load charters on many of the largest, most modern sportfishing boats on the west coast, where each student is provided rods and reels for use on the trip.

For more information about Owner Hooks On-The-water Fishing schools, plus ronnie kovach’s “Fishing Ventures” television series, his weekly radio talk show, and his seminar programs — all sponsored in part by Owner Hooks — log on to the website shown below.

Owner HOOks

Host Ronnie Kovach Is School’s Lead Instructor



I’m on the water over 200 days a year. The most important link between me and the fish is my Owner hook. Owner’s Cutting Point ® technology is what keeps me in the fish catching business on both fresh and saltwater expeditions. — Ronnie Kovach

Cover photos courtesy of Danny Jackson; Byron Velvick; Terry Mulkey; Francisco Cosenza; Roy Gray; Brent Ehler; and Daniel Rice.

Photo by Dennis Yamamoto