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GeralD SwinDle

is bass fishing’s funniest man. But beyond the constant supply of humorous quips that drip with his fast talking southern drawl is a guy gifted with fishing talent fueled by a wondrous work ethic and a compassionate soul.

In April of 1998, throwing a spinnerbait with the biggest blade he could hang on the back of it, Swindle won the $150,000 first place prize at an FLW event on Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and essen- tially launched a professional career that has abso- lutely blossomed following that spring weekend in Northwest Arkansas.

GeralD SwinDle

Six years later, Swindle -- often referred to as “The G Man” -- achieved bass fishing’s highest accolade when he won the 2004 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year award.

More recently, Swindle won the 2011 Bassmaster Southern Open at Lake Toho in Florida and eventu- ally became the 2011 Bassmaster Southern Open Points Champion.

Gerald’s highly admirable 12 trips to the Bassmas- ter Classic is a feat less than one-percent of all people who have ever paid an entry fee at any level of tournament angling can say they’ve achieved. Not to mention, he’s a very skilled archery hunter who helps host a hunting TV show shown on na- tional cable and satellite channels.

Still he remains humble --self-confident, no doubt -- but humble through a circuit of ground wires that includes his wife Le Ann, along with his mom and dad, and a host of friends that help Gerald clearly see life’s big picture. His compassion for others, ranging from cancer sufferers to tornado victims, has been well documented.