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FLW tournament pro and punch master, Bub Tosh cleans off the mat muck to appear at this year’s Bass-A-Thon for a seminar experience like no other. Since his FLW Tour co-angler victories on Kentucky Lake and the Forrest Wood Cup in Pell City, Ala., Tosh has toted in four top-5 finishes in the last five years on the tidal waters of the California Delta, where the headquarters of his lure company - Paycheck Baits - calls home.

With a penchant for taking a great lure and raising it to awesome, he lives and breathes bait design and brings his creations to life, making them available to others. Known for the Punch Stop and Punch Skirts, Tosh has carved a quick and easy path to get from punch to paycheck with his signature punchin’ products. “I was raised to be a tournament warrior from the age of nine,” said Tosh. “I’m all about one thing - bass fishin’ - and that is what I do. I fish and make baits, I’m trying to help everybody learn how to be a better fisherman.”

Catch Tosh and his most recent innovation, Yamamoto’s Psycho Dad at Angler’s Marine before he launches on to the 2014 FLW Tour, next season.

BuB toSh